The old moral, social, and political  "order"
of humankind is now dead.

A new and true and right Way of order is, now, and forever hereafter, necessary. This Free Declaration is the Seed-Utterance of that new and necessary Way of true and right (and truly globally, totally, and universally cooperative) order.


Twelve Laws for World Peace

1.   Cooperation + Tolerance = Peace.
2.   All of humankind must "lose face" together in order to require cooperation and tolerance of each other.
3.   The people are now the direct and specific targets of all wars. Therefore, armed conflict must no longer be engaged as a means for dealing with world issues.
4.   No nation or culture has the right to enact or even to plan mass destruction, for any reason whatsoever.
5.   The "Humble Unity" of all of humankind (as "everybody-all-at-once") is the power that must dissent from all efforts to achieve world domination.
6.   The right ordering of human society can only occur on the basis of freedom from any "ruling ideology" whether that ideology is religious or secular in nature.
7.   The universal human rights are unlimited physical participation in the opportunities of human life and unlimited physical protection from harm.
8.   The real (even genetic) situation of the human species is prior unity. Peace requires that prior unity be the working-presumption of humankind.
9.   The working-presumption of prior unity must become the basis of a global body of universal participation or Global Cooperative Forum that exists to represent and address the urgent global issues that everyone has in common.
10.   In that Global Cooperative Forum, all "name-tags" and "slogans" and "flags" must be "left at the door". Every participant would represent all of humankind as a totality.
11.   Ultimately, the habit of presuming to be a separate "self" (confronting a "world-out-there") is to be outgrown in the Enlightened understanding of Reality as inherently One, Non-separate, and Indivisible.
12.   Perfect Peace Is the tacit, direct, and Intrinsically Self-Evident Self-Realization of the inherently egoless, and Perfectly Indivisible, and Self-Evidently Divine Self-Nature, Self-Condition, and Self-State of Reality Itself Which Is Utterly Beyond all mere ideas, and all presumptions of "separate self", and all presumptions of separate "world-out-there", and all presumptions of separate "God". 

from Not-2 Is Peace