(The Gnosticon, p. 34, The Aletheon, p. 134, 
 by Avatar Adi Da Samraj)


The Wisdom of Esotericism


    Exoteric "religion" is always an emergence of institutionalized social and political ideology from a base of esoteric Spiritual and philosophical and ascetical Revelations, traditions, and practices.

    Exoteric "religion" is always a strategic re-orienting of the Transcendental—or "world"-transcending and body-mind-transcending disposition of the traditional fourth-, fifth-, and/or sixth-stage-of life esoteric (or "outsider") modes of human seeking.

   Exoteric "religion" always (and always reactively and strategically) replaces (or would replace) the esotericism of Wisdom-seekers with the exotericism of "worldly" idealists, ego-bound within the "money, food, and sex" context of the first three stages of life, and (thus) of "ordinary" social and political seeking.

   The strategic purpose of exoteric "religion" is always to subvert the intrinsic and deep esoteric and Transcendental motivations of humankind, and to systematically subordinate humankind to the intrinsically fruitless perennial search for the illusory goals of "worldly", ego-bound, and otherwise mortal psycho-physical "self"-fulfillment.

   Therefore, the authentic Wisdom of humankind is in the transferring of human endeavor from the exoteric domain to the esoteric domain.