The Transmission of Doubt

Talks and Essays on the Transcendence of Scientific Materialism through Radical Understanding.

By Da Free John.

Only edition: 4/84.
1984 The Johannine Daist Communion.
ISBN: 0-913922-77-3 (paper).
LOCCCN: 83-73638.
Compiled, edited, introduction & commentary by Georg Feuerstein.

((from the back cover);
The Transmission of Doubt is the most profound examination of the scientific enterprise from a spiritual point of view that I have ever read. I consider it must reading for anyone who cares about science and who is mature enough to recognize that the development of the heart is just as important as the development of the head.

Charles T. Tart 
                                   Professor of Psychology, University of California, Davis

Foreword by Fred Alan Wolf, Ph.D.

Introduction: Science and Transcendental Realization by Georg Feuerstein.

Prologue: 'The Unity' (7/27/82).

I. The Idiot Savants:

1. 'The Cult of Narcissus. and the Culture of Participation' (12/3/82).
2. "The Asana of Science (10/25/80).
3. "The Priesthood of Science" (3/13/78).
4. 'The False Religion of Scientific Knowledge' (10/80).
5. Conversation with Testoob, the Science Man by Allan Sherman.

II. Transcending the Politics of Science:

6. 'The Transcendence of Ego and Egoic Society' (5/6/82).
7. "The Destructive Mood of Western Science" (10/19/80).
8. "Man's Three Afflictions and the Business of Science" (12/15/80).
9. "Philosophy Is a Stress-Based Activity" (5/17/83).
10. 'The Ancient Sacred Ordeal Is the Model for Intimate and Personal Culture' (12/5/80).

III. This World Is an Indefinable Realm:

11. 'The View That Must Be Tested' (1/20/77).
12. 'The Ultimate Vision' (7/20/79).
13. "Even Science Is a Magical Activity" (10/27/80).
14. 'The Exoteric Taboos Are in Nature' (essay and talk, 12/31/80).
15. "Is Consciousness Exhibited by Flowers and Bees?
Beyond the Mechanistic Model of Nature" (1/26/83).
16. "The Game of Perception" (1/18/83).
17. "How Does This Room Appear When Seen from All Possible Points of View?" (8/28/82).
18. "The Body as Energy and the Universal Field of Consciousness" (2/28/83).
19. Going Beyond the Scientific Mind by Ben Pierce.

IV. The Paradox of Being-Consciousness:

20. "CHRIST = mc2" (4/19/79).
21. Atheistic "Computer Brain" or Participant in the Play of God? by Joanne Mied
22. "Hardware, Software, and Transcendence" (11/24/82).
23. "M-Fields and the Work of the Adept" (9/9/82).
24. "God Is the One Who Is Being Modified as Everything" (10/7/80).
25. "What If the Universe Were to Disappear in Light?" (10/2/80).
26. 'Space, Consciousness, and Enlightenment' (5/6/82).
27. 'The Continuum' (6/5/81).

'Secular and Sacred Philosophies' (3/31/81).
'I Would Find a New Order of Men and Women'.

(484 pp.)

Quotes from back cover


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