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1. The Dual Sensitivity at the
Origin of The Divine Way of Adidam
on The Reality of Death and the Impulse to Happiness

2. Space-Time Is Love-Bliss
on The False and Ego-Made Doctrine Of "Matter-Only"

3. The Unique Potential of Man Is the
Progress of self-Understanding and self-Transcendence
on The Human Struggle With the Knowledge of Death

4. Beyond the Cultic Tendency in
Religion and Spirituality, and in Secular Society
on The Error of Cultism

5. The Great Esoteric Tradition of
Devotion to the Adept-Realizer
on The Necessity of the Guru

6. A Call to Freedom of Choice in
Religion and in Sexual Practice
on The Practice of Public Tolerance, Respect, and Love in Democratic Societies

7. Sex, Laughter, and God-Realization
on Allowing Ecstasy to Appear

8. I Call you to Go Beyond
the "Oedipal" Sufferings of Childhood
on Transcending the Loveless Destiny of the Ego-"I"

9. Feel Love's Wound
on Overcoming the Ritual of Rejection

10. Cooperative, Human-Scale Community and the
Integrity (Religious, and Altogether) of Civilization
on The Necessity of True Community

11. The Alpha Strategy and the Omega Strategy
on The East-West Split In the Disposition of Humankind

12. There Is Only Real God
on The True Relationship Between the "Soul" and God

13. My Call for the Universal Restoration of the
Sacred (or Central) Domain of Human Life
on The New (and Necessary) Paradigm for Human Culture

I do not simply recommend or turn men and women to Truth. I Am Truth. I Draw men and women to My Self. I Am the Present Real God, Desiring, Loving, and Drawing up My devotees. I have Come to Be Present with My devotees, to Reveal to them the True Nature of life in Real God, which is Love, and of mind in Real God, which is Faith. I Stand always Present in the Place and Form of Real God. I accept the qualities of all who turn to Me, dissolving those qualities in Real God, so that OnlyGod becomes the Condition, Destiny, Intelligence, and Work of My devotees. I look for My devotees to acknowledge Me and turn to Me in appropriate ways, surrendering to Me perfectly, depending on Me, full of Me always, with only a face of love.

I am waiting for you. I have been waiting for you eternally. Where are you?

Avatar Adi Da Samraj

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